Best Internet Website Hosting Marketing Tips

Global and Regional Marketing Opportunities Offered by the World Wide Web

By Jane Sadowy marketing online since 1999.

Domain Service: Internet marketing is not as difficult as it sounds. You don't have to be an "expert" with a university degree. Read targeted Internet marketing articles and Market your business yourself. Take time to read and learn more. And believe me, there is not thousands of search engines you need to submit your website to. Nor should you have to pay a fee to do so. See on how to submit a url to Facebook, Google and Bing-(Yahoo)? Ask

Whether you're business is direct marketing or you're a supplier marketing your goods and services to the public, the World Wide Web can help you market your business. If you own an outside business and are not on the live web - now is the time to think about who is getting your business. Those on the web who offer direct information about their service or products to the public are most likely getting your extra sales.

First you need to find resources in your business category. These are some helpful Marketing Resources:

  • Press Releases
  • Networking with other business owners
  • Breaking the Language and Money Barrier
  • Discussion Boards
  • Learn About Your Global Market
  • Market Your Home Page
  • Business Cards Importance
  • Linking to Other Web Sites
Second, you will need a professional website that fits your business needs.

Press releases and news announcements

Press releases and news announcements should be an integral part of any company's marketing communications efforts. Whether you are announcing a new product or service, or introducing a new concept, a press release can have a significant impact on a company's most precious brand and its reputation.

Sometimes news reporters search for keywords in search engines for data to write stories. Your press release links and keywords could very well bring them to your email box with a subject line saying: I like to interview you about your business.

Free Press Release Sites: Submitting here does not guarantee your press release will be posted, however, if it is timely and business, E commerce or computer related, they will seriously consider it. Once your press release has been accepted add the links to your press release page on your site. This will add great creditability to your keyword ranking and to your business. Potential buyers do read your policies and press releases. Contact your local Newspaper for submitting your business press release.

The two primary benefits of positioning your press release in the search engines are:

1. Your news will be available to news reporter, news producers and consumers long after the initial release.

2. Link your press release back to your site so search engines pick up your keywords. Making the most value of a press release that you already have makes good business sense.

Tip: Writing your own press release about your business is not that hard to do. Most of your press release information is most likely on your home page or about us page. Try to write your press release with some unique content. Such as: Why your business is different than other business in your same category. Mention your upcoming events.

More Marketing Tools

Networking with other business owners: Locate your local chambers of commerce and apply. These chambers are great way to meet other business owners and pass out your business cards. (Most Chambers charge a fee but consider it well worth the effort)

There are also online Chamber of Commerce available to promote your site such as: Search The official site of the Chamber of Commerce Association Enroll and request fee amount to join by Phone with a Chamber Representative 1 (800) 880-6865 Monday-Friday 9:00AM to 5:00PM Eastern Standard Time

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